Bumi Tempeh Review

Bumi Tempeh Review

My thoughts on this local + organic tempeh made from lupini beans!


Have you heard of the new kid yet? Bumi Tempeh is the new kid on the tempeh block! Get it? Tempeh, block, haha!? All jokes aside, I am absolutely STOKED to be sharing my thoughts on this new, 100% organic and plant-based protein source!

The first time I ever tried Bumi Tempeh was at SLA organic salad bar. On the menu, SLA only noted ‘ seasoned tempeh’. I instantly falling IN LOVE with this so called ‘seasoned tempeh’, I tried to recreate it oh so many times. I must have tried it over a 100 times, but I was completely unable to recreate that soft and chewy texture, let alone the delicious flavor of the tempeh. I gave up and admitted my defeat.

Until…one day. I was doing my weekly organic groceries at Natuurwinkel in Utrecht and saw a new product in the ‘meat alternatives’ department: Bumi Tempeh, a tempeh made from lupini beans, seasoned in the flavors Indian, Mexican, and Asian. Without even thinking, I grabbed all the flavors in the hopes it would taste just a bit like the amazing tempeh I always went especially to SLA for.


As soon as I tried the Bumi Tempeh, I knew. That ‘seasoned tempeh’ at SLA, it was Bumi Tempeh all along! The reason I never knew was because Bumi Tempeh hadn’t been creating their products for consumers until very recently. Thank GOODNESS they started now, because Bumi Tempeh truly is incredible. Why? Keep on reading, my friend!

Lupini Beans

The first aspect of Bumi Tempeh that makes it ‘different from the rest’ of the meat alternatives currently available is the base of lupini beans. Tofu, tempeh, and several other processed meat alternatives are made from soybeans. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against soybeans! In fact, soy milk and soy yogurt are daily staples for me.

What I am an advocate for is variety. I think it’s extremely important to eat a diet that is rich in an abundance of nutrients, which you can really only get through a varied diet. Bumi’s Lupine Tempeh contributes to this variety, as it’s a whole new type of protein that is now available within the plant-based protein world!


During their search for a high-protein legume, Daan and Florian decided on lupini beans because ‘it was love at first bite’. Lupini beans give Bumi tempeh a nutty, slightly sweet taste while preserving that chewy texture tempeh is known for! Plus, the lupini bean is incredibly nutritious—it’s on the top of the list when it comes to high protein legumes and is incredibly high in fiber.

The lupini beans used for Bumi tempeh are organically sourced from France, where the lupine plant thrives. This means they are an excellent sustainable alternative to beans and legumes that need to fly long distances to eventually make it onto your plate. Of course, Bumi Tempeh is also sustainable because it’s completely plant-based.

The Flavors

Bumi Tempeh is available in quite a variety of flavors, from plain to three different types of seasoned! The plain, simply made from fermented lupine beans, is the closest to regular ‘tempeh’ but with a softer, nuttier taste. I personally like it way more than tempeh made from soybeans! Unfortunately, it’s not (yet) available to consumers. I was lucky enough to try it because Daan and Florian were so kind to send me some. If you’re reading this, thanks guys! ;)

The plain tempeh is meant to be stored frozen, as it is highly perishable. What I did upon receiving it was cut into 4 portions so I could pull out a portion every time I wanted to cook with it! My favorite way is sauteéing it in some coconut, sesame, or avocado oil so it gets crispy on the outside and stays soft and chewy on the inside.


Luckily, Bumi Tempeh’s seasoned flavors ARE available to consumers (finally!). Each unique flavor is marinated à la cuisine that it’s named after (Mexican, Indian, or Asian) and fully cooked, making Bumi’s seasoned tempeh a quick & healthy protein source!

Because Bumi’s seasoned tempehs are ready-to-eat, my favorite way to enjoy them is to toss cold into a salad! Gives the most incredible flavor and of course, adds healthy plant-based protein! However, if I’m craving something warm, I also love simmering the Indian tempeh in coconut milk + pumpkin puree for an effortless curry in under 20 minutes! The coconut milk + pumpkin puree absorb all the marinating spices so you don’t have to worry about adding them yourself.


All in all, Bumi Tempeh is an amazing product for anyone who’s vegan, vegetarian, or simply just wants to add protein variety to their diet. It’s incredibly versatile and can be used in so many different ways from cold salads to hot curries (or if you’re like me, you’ll snack right from the box!). So, if you’re looking for a new, organic, and plant-based protein source, you’ve gotta give Bumi Tempeh a try!



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