Georgia Grinders Nut Butters Review

Georgia Grinders Nut Butters Review


So simple, yet so tasty. That’s what Georgia Grinders nut butter is all about! Founded by Jaime Foster in 2012, Georgia Grinders is a Georgia-based, family-owned company that handcrafts their many variations of creamy, delicious nut butters with only the cleanest, most minimal ingredients.

If you follow me on instagram, you know that nut butter is a staple that I eat multiple times a day. It’s literally my bread & (nut) butter, so I want to make sure it’s made with whole, clean, and quality ingredients!

When I came across Georgia Grinders’ nut butters, I immediately fell in love with their ingredients list. After hearing about how good Georgia Grinders was from my fellow foodies, I was dying to finally try the famous nut butter brand!

Georgia Grinders was kind enough to send me two jars to review, so I could try the nut butters for myself and see if they were truly worth the rage. I tried both their Creamy Cashew Butter and Pecan Butter.

When I received the package of nut butters, I of course immediately grabbed a spoon to try both of them out! Here’s what I thought:

Creamy Cashew Butter

I have tried many cashew butters in the past, and Georgia Grinders is BY FAR the best one I’ve ever had. The texture is super silky smooth, which is a huge plus for me because I like to be able to drizzle my nut butter on pancakes! In terms of flavor, Georgia Grinders is right on point. Their cashew butter tastes exactly like it should–embodying the smooth, rich taste of roasted cashews with just the right amount of sea salt. I love to enjoy this nut butter on pancakes and in oatmeal, but if we’re being truly honest, the best way is to eat it with a spoon right outta the jar!


Pecan Butter

I had honestly never tried pecan butter before, so when I saw that Georgia Grinders made it with only two simple ingredients–pecans and sea salt–I was already hooked. Upon spooning the pecan butter out of the jar, I immediately got this waft of rich, buttery, and subtly sweet smell that almost made me drool. When I finally tried the Pecan Butter…


Yes, I’m still here! I was just in heaven for a moment with that big spoonful of Georgia Grinders Pecan Butter in my mouth. Okay, maybe not at this very moment, but that’s where I was when I first tried it. If that doesn’t say enough, let’s just say it’s kind of like the best thing I ever tasted. It’s super rich and creamy, and just like it smells, it’s slightly buttery and subtley sweet from the Georgia Pecans it’s made from. No wonder it won the USA Food Product Contest back in 2017!

All in all, Georgia Grinders definitely lives up to its promise of ensuring quality, freshness, and flavor, if not living beyond that promise. Their cashew and pecan butters are truly some of the best nut butters I have ever tasted. That’s saying a lot, because I have tasted many nut butters! I highly recommend giving Georgia Grinders nut butters a try; you won’t be disappointed!



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