July Intentions

July Intentions


To be honest, I’ve been slacking on the whole intentions thing lately. I was always the one who didn’t set New Year’s Resolutions because I personally believe you should not wait for a flipping of a page on the calender to change yourself for the better. But when I first saw someone post about intentions on instagram a while back, I fell in love with the idea!

What I love about intentions versus goals, resolutions, and all those other kinds of ambitions, is that intentions are forgiving. It happens far too often that we set ‘goals’ only to be frustrated and disappointed at the end of the day (or month or year!) because we didn’t achieve them. By setting an intention, you are purely intending to do something, without attaching a ‘criteria for success’ such as with resolutions or goals. This can take the ‘obsessiveness’ away, which lends for more time to do exactly what you *intended* to do in the first place! ;)

So, without further ado, my intentions for this month!

  1. Dedicate more time to my blog: so why not start by sharing my intentions on here?! I get so caught up in trying to share everything to instagram, only for it to disappear down my feed several photos later. I really want to start utilizing my site to share what I usually share on IG. This also allows me more freedom in what I write because trust me, I don’t like the long captions either!

  2. Settle for less-than-perfect: the past couple months have been filled with anxiety and stress for me, something that I believe is directly linked to my desire to have everything be ‘perfect’. The post-worthy smoothie bowl picture, the creamy oats, or even just what I eat on a given day. But who am I pleasing? I’m sick of the half-melted smoothie bowls, the cold oats, and obsessing over getting in ‘all the macronutrients’ at dinner if I just feel like having pizza! This month, I’m really going to draw my attention towards enjoying what I choose to do rather than having it ‘fit’ a certain box.

  3. Don’t be like the rest of them, darling: I saw this quote on a shopping bag the other day and loved it so much, I made it one of my intentions! I (unconsciously) spend so much time comparing myself to others, I forget about my own needs and desires sometimes! I am Liv: unique and special in my very own way. I am on my own path and I will walk it in my own time!

  4. Know my worth and don’t settle for less: I touched on this in an instagram post last week, briefly explaining that I haven’t been speaking up for myself enough. I work incredibly hard for Simply Balanced Liv, which includes spreading my own message as well as sharing about my favorite brands and products. I never asked for anything in return because I was afraid my content wasn’t ‘good enough’. However, this is exactly what I meant in the intention above—i am unique in my own way and totally worth reimbursement for all the time and work I put into promoting brands!

  5. Challenge the obsessive thoughts: my most vulnerable intention this month. As my eating disorder fades away more and more, I’ve noticed my OCD has become more active. This has become especially apparent in the last couple months, and expresses itself in all areas of my life. Needing a perfectly clean workspace, only being able to do something if another task has been finished, reverting back to weighing food when I’m stressed…and more. I unfortunately don’t have any ‘magic advice’ regarding increased OCD symptoms after eating disorder recovery as it’s something I’m currently struggling with. But that’s exactly why it’s part of my July intentions! The only way to get rid of the obsessive thoughts is to challenge them.

Do you have any intentions for this month? Happy July!



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