Supplements & Food that Optimize my Health || LiveHelfi Review

Supplements & Food that Optimize my Health || LiveHelfi Review

Happy Monday friends! How is life treatin’ ya? The past couple weeks have been absolutely crazy; figuring out my balance between school, healthy eating, exercise, and spending time with loved ones is definitely a journey! But that’s one of the main reasons I’m writing this blog post today: LiveHelfi has been saving my butt when it comes to making sure my nutrition is on point!


What is LiveHelfi?

Founded by Eduard de Wilde, an avid health fanatic and certified Bulletproof Coach, LiveHelfi is a Netherlands-based webshop that has a terrific variety of products for a healthy lifestyle. Every company has a story, and I found Eduard’s particularly fascinating because it is so inspiring and motivational for anyone struggling with health problems of any kind.

I really only talk about my history with an eating disorder and being severely underweight, but I can absolutely relate to people who have had a journey with really any mental issues. After all, everyone who has gone through a weight gain/loss journey, or really a recovery journey of any kind, knows that feeling your best is so worth all the hard work and effort. Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to feel their best?

Well, that’s where Eduard’s journey towards health began. In 2000, Eduard started taking an anti-malaria drug called Lariam. Unfortunately, he developed an anxiety and panic disorder as a result of one of Lariam’s side effects. To make matters even worse, Eduard started gaining weight up to a point where he was well overweight. Although I can only speak for myself, I can completely imagine how horrible life must have been at this point. When I was severely underweight, I experienced daily anxiety and panic and felt like my life was crumbling by the day.

However, Eduard was not going to let his sickness or weight define the rest of his life. He decided he wanted to make a change, and started by becoming Paleo as well as incorporating exercise at the gym. Later on, he started practicing biohacking, and has become a huge fan of the Quantified Self: collecting information about your body to learn from it. With the latest technological advancements and Eduard’s drive to be his healthiest self, he has been able to collect data about himself that has added to his biohacking repertoire. Below is a list of the fact-based approaches Eduard has tried in recent years.

  • Heart Rate Variability Training

  • Meditation

  • Cold Thermogenesis

  • Near Infrared Therapy

  • Binaural Beats

  • Supplements (available at LiveHelfi!)

Eduard uses these methods to measure his lifestyle to the farthest extent possible, so that he can notice patterns, (ir)regularities, and other markers that can help him improve his lifestyle. Becoming Paleo, incorporating exercise into his lifestyle, and Biohacking turned out to be his answer towards a life in which he felt fulfilled. Through his incredibly impressive process of bettering himself, Eduard lost all of his extra weight and currently enjoys his favorite activities and is able to keep his anxiety and panic in check!


How has his story impacted the company?

Like I mentioned above, every company has a story. Eduard’s story—his experience with discovering his best life and being able to enjoy it again—was what inspired Eduard to start LiveHelfi. He found health through a certain way of living and wants to inspire others to do the same. I really love this, as I think it is so important to share your personal experience with the world. Even though it sometimes doesn’t seem like it, your victories are what can inspire and motivate countless others!

For me, that’s my battle against my eating disorder, which has been a crazy one. From growing up in Boston, MA to moving to the Netherlands in the midst of my disease, life has thrown lots of curveballs at me. But it’s how we choose to dodge those curveballs that makes us who we are. That makes us strong.

There are truly too many people who struggle with countless health problems, or are simply unsatisfied with their life. Eduard is fascinated by the idea that you can improve your quality of life by adjusting your nutrition, sleep, exercise, and stress. He wants to share his personal experience so that everyone can profit from this simple, yet complex idea as well. That’s exactly another aspect that makes LiveHelfi an amazing company; it’s mission to develop itself in coherence with its readers and customers.

What does LiveHelfi have to offer?

To help people be their best self, Eduard has made it possible to make products of the highest nutritional quality available in more regions around the world. For example, my absolute favorite plant-based protein, Nuzest, a company from New Zealand, has a European importer located in the UK. If you are living in central Europe like the majority of people that live in Europe, however, chances are you don’t want to pay higher shipping costs than the products you’re actually purchasing! Thanks so LiveHelfi, I can use my Nuzest protein daily without having to pay insane shipping costs. They keep their shipping costs low and their delivery speed fast. It’s the best of both worlds!

On top of Nuzest protein, a product I thought I would have to leave behind when I left the U.S., LiveHelfi offers a wide range of non-European products from Bulletproof collagen, coffee, protein bars and brain-boosting supplements to Four Sigmatic mixes and assorted nut butters! There’s really something for everyone when it comes to ordering nutritious products at LiveHelfi.

But wait, there’s more! Not only does he make some of the best products accessible to fellow Europeans, but Eduard also sends out a weekly newsletter with some of the best health + wellness tips! I am subscribed to his newsletter, and honestly learn something new every time!

Lastly, Eduard is also a certified Bulletproof coach, so he can coach you if you are interested in bettering your life and following a Bulletproof lifestyle.


Why I love LiveHelfi

I absolutely love this company for so many reasons. The products play a huge role of course, as I don’t know what I would do without my daily scoop of Nuzest protein or my daily scoop of collagen in my morning coffee! If you follow me on instagram, you know I absolutely LOVE Nuzest plant-based protein and mix it into my oatmeal on the daily ;) It’s all natural and made from premium European golden peas, one of the highest quality plant-based sources of protein. Also, it tastes absolutely delicious and helps keep me full!

I also am an avid lover of coffee in the morning. I ALWAYS add a scoop of collagen or collagelatin to my morning cup, as collagen has countless health benefits! From promoting strong bones, hair, and nails to having a high protein content, well-sourced collagen is a perfect addition to any healthy diet.

Speaking of well-sourced collagen, LiveHelfi recently added a *NEW* product to their collagen line: NoordCode Grass-Fed Collagen! Being a European-based company, LiveHelfi fittingly believed it was important to offer a European alternative for Bulletproof brand Collagen.

NoordCode is of the purest quality, as it is made from 100% bovine hide collagen peptides from grass-fed cows and has absolutely NO added flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives! Better yet, the purity and optimal protein ratio have been lab tested, ensuring the best possible product for YOU!

Just like introducing NoordCode, Eduard is constantly searching for new, top-of-the-bill products to add to the LiveHelfi collection. Some of the most recent additions are MCT Oil derived from coconuts as well as grass-fed ghee from cows that roam the German Alps!

Aside from the products, I also love LiveHelfi because of Eduard’s story and mission. I think it is truly amazing how he was able to turn his life around by changing his lifestyle, and is using his knowledge to help other people be their best self. I only support companies that are 100% honest, real, and that I believe in. I am so glad to say that LiveHelfi is just that.



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