The BEST Edible Cookie Dough || P.S. Snacks Review

The BEST Edible Cookie Dough || P.S. Snacks Review


P.S. Snacks, I love you so much.

For reals though. These perfectly portioned cookie dough cups are truly AMAZING. They come in three different flavors–chocolate chip, peanut butter, and fudge brownie–each being unique and delicious in their own way!

Each one is inspired by founder Nikki Azzara’s favorite treats, from chickpea cookies to black bean brownies. She is a gluten-free foodie and an avid runner that always loved creating healthy recipes with whole food ingredients.

Thanks to Nikki, you can now have your cookie dough and eat it, too.

Each 3oz cup is made from all natural ingredients and is free of free of gluten, flour, grains, dairy, eggs, soy, preservatives, junky oils, refined sugars, gums, and any ingredient you wouldn’t keep in your own kitchen. So for all of you vegans and gluten-free foodies out there, these cookie dough cups are for you!

But even if you don’t follow a certain diet, these cookie dough cups are still amazing! They don’t taste healthy at all, yet they are!

Just imagine your favorite cookie dough or brownie batter transformed into a better-for-you alternative that is plant-based, nutrient dense, and actually good for you. But don’t worry, the fact that these edible cookie dough cups are healthy, does not mean they compromise on taste.

Just to show you how good P.S. Snacks edible cookie dough cups really are, I took some drool-worthy pictures and wrote a little bit about what I thought of each flavor.


Peanut Butter

This flavor is my absolute favorite of the three. I am a huge chocolate peanut butter fan, and every bite of this stuff takes me to heaven for a moment. It has just the right balance of sweet and salty, as well as a good peanutty taste without being overpowering. Plus, the amount of chocolate chips in here is iiiinsane. You get at least a couple in every bite–which is exactly what cookie dough should have!


Fudge Brownie

I tried this one second, after my little sister called me up saying this was the best thing she had ever tasted. “There’s no way this is made from black beans,” she exclaimed. “It tastes exactly like brownie batter!” Naturally, I had to try this sister approved flavor immediately. When I finally did, I was shocked! I couldn’t taste any black beans–only pure, chocolatey, doughy deliciousness. If fudgy brownies met thick, eat-with-a-spoon-worthy cookie dough, P.S. Snacks fudge brownie cookie dough would be their baby!


Chocolate Chip

When I took my first bite of this, I was taken back about 10 years. I imagined myself in the kitchen, licking my fingers clean of cookie dough. I had just discovered my passion in the kitchen, and chocolate chip cookies was my absolute favorite thing to make. Yes, this cookie dough literally tastes like cookie dough. If you’re looking for that basic, flavorful mouthful of chocolate chip cookie dough that doesn’t taste healthy, you need to go get yourself some P.S. Snacks chocolate chip cookie dough!

In fact, you need to get yourself all three flavors, because I’m totally serious when I say this: P.S. Snacks cookie dough is actually the best thing I’ve ever tasted.



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